Jennifer McCalmont


Jennifer Nixdorf McCalmont’s floral oil paintings depict the delicacy of nature’s flowers and the translucency of the petals. She captures their softness and fragility in beautiful, highly representational form. Her compositions are calming and classic following the Boston School approach.

Jennifer’s penchant for creating and drawing began as a child and has never stopped. She attended the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, finding a love of flowers and choosing her major: textile design.  Upon graduation Jennifer moved to New York City to pursue a career in the textile fashion industry. The commercial training gave her valuable design experience and knowledge of color.

Jennifer later relocated to New Hampshire. She combined her skills in illustration and creativity to produce her own line of light humor greeting cards which she marketed worldwide for many years. While raising children, Jennifer put her career aside, but became increasingly intrigued by oil painting and the history of fine art.

In her quest for art training, Jennifer discovered The Boston School of Painters, which is not actually a school but a school of thought and a tradition of painting that has been passed down from teacher to student for more than 100 years. The Boston School has its roots in impressionist ideals and includes the best of representational painting, seeing color correctly and drawing accurately.

Jennifer has learned from many esteemed artists, including Jean Lightman and Sam Vokey; she is currently studying with Mary Minifie.