“Wave Crossover” by Sally Ladd Cole


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“Wave Crossover” by Sally Ladd Cole. This is the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast showing it’s power and unpredictability. Always and forever unforgiving but, beautiful in her movement. This captures that movement and sound as the light sneaks through the waters to dance with it. You smell the air and salt in that dance. We want to be there in this movement and moment taking it all in, as it breaks, foams and subsides only to start again.

Artist Statement “When painting I try to portray my sense of wonder at the color, grace, infinite changeability, harmonies, and contrasts found in the country side around me. I now split my time between New Hampshire and our new home in Blue Hill Maine, where I observe with great concern the ever dwindling fields, farms, marshes, and forests that I grew up loving and taking for granted.

Through my paintings I hope to bring awareness to the irreplaceable beauty of this rural country and open Atlantic shoreline. These everyday scenes of marshes, meadows, forests, and farmland, so filled with sun and shadow, color, powerful contrasts, and overall natural grace, that I find so much inspiration in, are becoming increasingly rare.”


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Dimensions 23 × 30 × 2 in

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