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Please Welcome Grace Scarlet

Artist Statement

Grace Scarlet

A celebration of color!

We live in a world where vibrant color is not very celebrated. I find that many people are intimidated by color and choose “safe” colors for their homes. Hence, colors such as “elephant’s breath grey” are among the top choices for wall paint. I want my art to make your space sing! Let color be the exclamation point on your wall and the bright spot in your day! When people walk into your home I want them to immediately walk over to my painting and say “wow!” as it brings a smile to their face. Vibrant, unexpected color can boost your mental and emotional health; It can enhance your space and make it come alive with joy and personality.

My name is Grace Scarlet. I am 13 years old and have been drawing and painting since I was 3. Vibrant color is the joyful expression of my heart and soul.  When I create art, I am entirely inspired by color. I love hues that play off each other and make the painting “pop.” The color pallet brings inspiration to the design. I start painting and let the colors take me on a journey. I often begin with a concept in mind, but as the colors guide me, the painting takes on a life of it’s own. I hope my art brings the joy of color into your life!

I completely agree with Claude Monet when he said, “Color is my day-long obsession and joy.” 

Artist Biography

Grace Scarlet is a thirteen year old artist, born in Western New Hampshire. She began drawing and painting at the age of three. At this tender age, her mother requested that she begin artlessons and seriously work on her skills every day. She has happily done just that for the last ten years. She was home schooled through fifth grade to give her plenty of time to work on art and music. Currently, she attends school, but can’t wait to come home at the end of each day to start painting. She lives in New London, New Hampshire with her family where her art studio has overtaken the family sun room and light is her daily inspiration.  

Grace presently uses acrylic paint and gravitates toward “heavy body” mediums to achieve the aesthetic she desires. Her favorite tool is a palette knife. When she first learned that Vincent van Gogh favored the palate knife she couldn’t wait to try it. This has been her favorite tool ever since. She works in layers and allows several days of drying time between layers. Many paintings are usually in progress in her studio. This allows her to think about the expression of the paint and how to create a layered effect with color, shading and light. Grace enjoys making works of art that lean towards modern abstract, but also brings forth great beauty, with an emphasis on bursting color.

Grace has always been fascinated with vivid color. Anything colorful makes her heart sing! In personality, she is an optimist. While she doesn’t possess a formal art degree, her young, fresh, joyful take on life can be seen in every optimistic painting. She finds inspiration everywhere and continuously comes up with new color combinations for her paintings. This stage of her life is part of her artistic journey and she is excited to see what colors, movement, and design are around the next bend in the road. She looks forward to pursuing a lifetime of celebrating color through artistic expression.

Grace took first place prize in the 2022 Young At Art Competition through the New London Historical Society. She has also shown her work through the Newburyport Art Association in Newburyport Mass. She was recently accepted as an artist at the Prospect Hill Gallery in Sunapee, NH. 

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