Interior Design Services

At Prospect Hill, a piece of art or furniture leaving our showroom does not necessarily mean its journey is over. Many buyers seek additional support to ensure their art is reaching its fullest potential in their home. To this end, we offer a suite of services to aid buyers in unlocking that potential.

Interior Design Consultancy

Whether you are a first time buyer, or seasoned veteran of the art world, we understand that placing a new piece of art or furniture in your home can be a hassle. To this end, Prospect Hill offers Interior Design Consulting services to help you perfectly place your art or arrange your new furniture.  Services can be as extensive as you like, from whole rooms to a single wall.

Proof of Ownership

For many art is not just for show, it is also considered an investment. Protect that investment with Proof of Ownership photography from Prospect Hill. We will document your art in your home with high quality photography so there can be no argument that you own it. In the case of damage or theft, use your Proof of Ownership to aid in filing a claim on insured items. Your art is part of your home, and should be protected just as well. 

360 Photo Documentation

Prospect Hill is proud to partner with Aaron Kelly from 360Monadnock to offer 360 Photography services. Capture your new or previously purchased art and furniture in a new and unique way, that showcases the entirety of the room it is in. 360 photos can also be helpful in documenting Proof of Ownership of multiple pieces of art at a time. 

Pricing of all services may vary. Please contact us for an accurate assessment.