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Ann Trainor Domingue

Ann Trainor Domingue (pronounced doe-mang)

Ann Trainor Domingue describes her art as ‘messy, uncommon, friendly, contemporary art’.

Messy– to acknowledge both her affinity for worn out surfaces and her unmarked path to being an artist; Uncommon—to speak to her unusually hopeful view of life and how it appears in her unique art; and lastly, Friendly– to allow people to feel her sense of optimism in a challenging world.

Ann’s artworks frequently begin as a small thumbnail drawing in her sketchbook, drawn to explore an idea quickly before the fleeting idea disappears. Many sketchbooks are filled with drawings for new work or to simply expand on her current series of work inspired by her love of the ocean and inland lake waterfronts. Recently, lobster fishermen and their foul weather gear inspired a longstanding series of paintings playing with boat shapes and other details found along working waterfronts. “A few years ago I gave my fisherman a girl”, Ann says. “Adding this woman created new relationships that allowed more people to connect with my work. I keep my eyes open for a small but significant thing that may become part of my upcoming work. It’s a big surprise I always look forward to.”

Ann Trainor Domingue spent her young life in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, moving to New Hampshire in 1986. She lives in Goffstown with her husband Michael, in a 1910 home, with a little barn studio.

Ann Trainor Domingue had a 30 year career in marketing and advertising working as an art director, illustrator, graphic designer and brand manager for many New England clients such as Gorham Silver, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Outdoor Pride landscaping, NH State Liquor Commission and many more. In 2013 Ann began working as a professional artist and painter establishing a long list of appreciative fans and collectors. She is a Copley Artist member of Copley Society of Art, Boston; New Hampshire Art Association and New England Watercolor Society signature member.

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